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    • Application of classification technique of data mining for employee management system 

      J. Kamatkar, Sadhana; Tayade, Amarapali; Viloria Silva, Amelec Jesus; Hernandez Chacin, Ana Emilia (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018)
      This paper presents the application of classification technique of data mining used for the Employee Management System (EMS). This paper discusses the classification techniques of data mining and based on the data, the ...
    • Concentrations and size distributions of fungal bioaerosols in a municipal landfill 

      Morgado Gamero, Wendy Beatriz; Castillo Ramirez, Margarita Del Pilar; Parody, Alexander; Viloria Silva, Amelec Jesus; Arrieta Lopez, Milton Henrique; J. Kamatkar, Sadhana (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018)
      The object of this research was to study the behavior of fungal bioaerosols during a sampling period of 12 months (April 2015–April 2016), in each treatment stages of a landfill located in Atlántico Department, Colombia. ...
    • Database performance tuning and query optimization 

      J. Kamatkar, Sadhana; Kamble, Ajit; Viloria Silva, Amelec Jesus; Hernández Fernández, Lissette; Garcia Cali, Ernesto Rafael (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018)
      Today, IT professionals are challenged with the task of ongoing improvements to achieve goals of businesses. Unfortunately, some factor/Resources, skill environment does not dynamically grow as fast as business needs. That ...