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dc.creatorDe-la-Hoz-Hernández, Juan-David
dc.creatorTroncoso Palacio, Alexander Humberto
dc.creatorDe la Hoz, Emiro
dc.description.abstractThis document presents the implementation of the Eclipse Process Framework Composer EPFC tool, in a company in the health sector, which where it were using physical documentation to register the processes QMS Quality Management Systems, in this one it is explained the process of adapting the tool, to migrate the documentary structure of the company, through the application of a model that correlates the attributes of the tool with the documentary structure. The proposed model allows the construction of document structures for the QMS that guide the user in their processes and procedures within the organization. Therefore, it is proposed that by promoting knowledge management and reducing the execution time of the processes, it will be possible for companies to be more productive, improve customer service, failure rates in the development of activities be minimized and, and reduces the lead time in the processes. Finally, it was obtained a documentary platform developed under a process approach that implements interactive diagrams that aim to facilitate the understanding of each of the elements that make up the
dc.publisherUniversidad de la Costaspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectQuality Management System - QMSspa
dc.subjectEclipse Process Framework Composer - EPFCspa
dc.subjectDocument Management System - DMSspa
dc.subjectDelays in documentationspa
dc.titleImplementation of the Eclipse Process Framework Composer Tool for the Documentation of Quality Management Systems: A Case Applied in Healthcare Servicesspa
dcterms.references1. Pho, H.T., Tambo, T.: Integrated management systems and workflow-based electronic document management: an empirical study. J. Ind. Eng. Manag. 7(1), 194–217 (2014) Google Scholar 2. Pino, F.J., García, F., Piattini, M.: Software process improvement in small and medium software enterprises: a systematic review. Softw. Qual. J. 16(2), 237–261 (2008) CrossRefGoogle Scholar 3. Alič, M.: Accessed 20 Dec 2017 4. Troncoso-Palacio, A., Neira-Rodado, D., Ortíz-Barrios, M., Jiménez-Delgado, G., Hernández-Palma, H.: Using discrete-event-simulation for improving operational efficiency in laboratories: a case study in pharmaceutical industry. In: Tan, Y., Shi, Y., Tang, Q. (eds.) ICSI 2018. LNCS, vol. 10942, pp. 440–451. Springer, Cham (2018). CrossRefGoogle Scholar 5. Caicedo García, M.A., Pérez Vargas, M.d.J.: Marco para la aplicación de mejoras radicales en los procesos durante la implementación y certificación de sistemas de gestión de la calidad, Barranquilla (2017) Google Scholar 6. Acosta-Coll, M., Ballester-Merelo, F., Martinez-Peiró, M., De la Hoz-Franco, E.: Real-time early warning system design for pluvial flash floods-a review. Sensors 18(7), 2255 (2018) CrossRefGoogle Scholar 7. De-La-Hoz-Franco, E., Ariza-Colpas, P., Quero, J.M., Espinilla, M.: Sensor-based datasets for human activity recognition - a systematic review of literature. IEEE Access 6, 59192–59210 (2018) CrossRefGoogle Scholar 8. Salaün, Y., Flores, K.: Information quality: meeting the needs of the consumer. Int. J. Inf. Manag. 21(1), 21–37 (2001) CrossRefGoogle Scholar 9. Burgin, M., Semenovich, M.: Theory of Information: Fundamentality, Diversity and Unification. World Scientific (2010) Google Scholar 10. Daruma Software. Accessed 24 Nov 2018 11. ISODOC. Accessed 24 Nov 2018 12. Solución® Calidad. Guías soluciones TIC. Accessed 26 Nov 2018 13. kawak. Accessed 26 Nov 2018 14. Mejoramiso. Accessed 26 Nov 2018 15. Open km. Accessed 26 Nov 2018 16. Open Doc Man. Accessed 30 Nov 2018 17. Alfresco. Accessed 30 Nov 2018 18. Calvo, I., López, F., Zulueta, E., González-Nalda, P.: Towards a methodology to build virtual reality manufacturing systems based on free open software technologies. Int. J. Interact. Des. Manuf. 11(3), 569–580 (2016) CrossRefGoogle Scholar 19. Grudzień, Ł., Hamrol, A.: Information quality in design process documentation of quality management systems. Int. J. Inf. Manag.: J. Inf. Prof. 36(4), 599–606 (2016) CrossRefGoogle Scholar 20. Lazär, L.-V., Gheorghe, M.: Modeling of documents and flowcharts from service quality management system. UPB Sci. Bull. Ser. D: Mech. Eng. 77(3), 163–172 (2015) Google Scholar 21. Stefanowicz, B.: Informacyjne systemy zarządzania: przewodnik, Szkoła Główna Handlowa - Oficyna Wydawnicza, Varsovia, Warszawa (2007) Google Scholar 22. Abad Londoño, J.H.: Repositorio Institucional Universidad EAFIT. Accessed 08 Nov 2012 23. Seppälä, R.: Implementing a Quality Management System for an Engineering and Services Company (2015) Google Scholar 24. Baumgarten, G., Rosinger, M., Todino, A., de Juan Marín, R.: SPEM 2.0 as process baseline meta-model for the development and optimization of complex embedded systems. In: 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering (ISSE), Roma (2015) Google Scholar 25. Koolmanojwong, S., Phongpaibul, M., Laoteppitak, N., Boehm, B.: Comparative experiences with software process modeling tools for the incremental commitment model. Center for Software Engineering, California (2008) Google Scholar 26. Aleixo, F.A., Freire, M., Alencar, D., Campos, E.: A comparative study of compositional and annotative modelling approaches for software process lines. In: 26th Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, Natal, Brazil (2012) Google Scholar 27. ISO: NTC-ISO 9000 Sistemas de Gestión de la Calidad - Fundamentos y vocabulario (2015). 28. ISO: Fundación Centro Colombiano de estudios profesionales. Accessed 14 Nov 2008 29. ISO: NTC-ISO 9001 Sistemas de Gestión de la Calidad. Requisitos. Accessed 14 Nov 2008 30. ISO: International Organization for Standardization (2015). 31. ISO: Organización Internacional de Normalización (2002). 32. Barrios Fernández, N., Ricard Delgado, M., Fernández Elías, R.: La definición de funciones en la gestión de la calidad de los procesos universitarios. Cofin Habana 10(2), 95–114 (2016) Google Scholar 33. Colón Sáenz, S.J., Siple De La Espriella, A.F.: Arquitectura Empresarial Para Alinear Las Tic Con Los Procesos De Negocio De Las Pyme Del Sector Hoteles Y Restaurantes De Cartagena (2016)spa

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