En el Repositorio Universidad de La Costa están depositados materiales en formato digital fruto de la producción científica o académica, de esta manera permite almacenar, difundir y preservar información de vital importancia.

  • The impact of sustainable development and social responsibility on quality education 

    Chumaceiro Hernández, Ana Cecilia; Hernández García de Velazco, Judith Josefina; Velazco Hernández, Jovana Cristina; Govorukhin, Yuri Mikhailovich; Pavlovna Rogozhina, Anna (ASERS PublishingRomania, 2022)
    In recent years the educational system has opted to implement sustainable strategies that allow access, coverage,relevance, and quality of education. The University does not escape these realities combined and the need to ...
  • Society of Knowledge and ICT skills in Universities 

    Chumaceiro Hernández, Ana Cecilia; Hernández García de Velazco, Judith Josefina; Acurero Luzardo , Marilú Tibisay (Elsevier BVNetherlands, 2022)
    Today's new realities and social demands involve a technological apparatus that societies that seek to generate sustainable development through the generation and dissemination of knowledge cannot be ignored. This research ...
  • University social responsibility for the generation of ICT skills 

    Chumaceiro Hernández, Ana Cecilia; Hernández García de Velazco, Judith Josefina; Perez Prieto, Maria Elena (Elsevier BVNetherlands, 2022)
    In understanding the adaptation to emerging social needs, higher education institutions must make more flexible and develop an integration of information and communication technologies in training processes. The inclusion ...
  • Strategies for the adoption of innovation processes in agricultural productive units of the department of La Guajira – Colombia: literary review and systemic approach 

    Ramírez Molina, Reynier Israel; Herrera, Beliña; Sukier, Harold; Juan David, Ríos Pérez; Torregroza Espinosa, Ana Carolina; LAY, NELSON (Universidad del ZuliaVenezuela, 2023)
    From the appearance of man to the present, food production has been a critical issue in ensuringthe survival of the human species. Over the centuries, agricultural production has evolved with the domestication of plant ...
  • Overview of mobile communications in Colombia and introduction to 5G 

    Barrios-Ulloa, Alexis; Cama-Pinto, Dora; Arrabal Campos, Francisco Manuel; Martínez Lao, Juan Antonio; Monsalvo, Jose; Hernández-López, Audomaro; Cama-Pinto, Alejandro (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)Switzerland, 2023)
    The deployment of 5G around the world continues to progress at a rapid pace, especially in North America and Asia. Its advantages and efficiency as a data transmission network have been widely demonstrated in different ...