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    • Assessment of carwash wastewater reclamation potential based on household water treatment technologies 

      Canales, Fausto; Plata-Solano, Diego; Cantero Rodelo, Ruben Dario; Ávila Pereira, Yoleimy; Díaz-Martínez, Karina; Carpintero Durango, Javier Andrés; Kaźmierczak, Bartosz; Tavera-Quiroz, Humberto (Elsevier BVNetherlands, 2021)
      This paper assesses a bench-scale carwash wastewater treatment system's removal efficiency based on coagulation-flocculation and a household-type activated carbon filter and water ozonator. For the experiment, the wastewater ...
    • Environmental risk assessment of low molecule benzotriazoles in urban road rainwaters in Poland 

      Struk-Sokołowska, Joanna; Gwoździej-Mazur, Joanna; Jurczyk, Łukasz; Jadwiszczak, Piotr; Kotowska, Urszula; Piekutin, Janina; Canales, Fausto; Kaźmierczak, Bartosz (ElsevierNetherlands, 2022-08-15)
      This study aimed to identify and quantify benzotriazoles (BTRs) emissions from road traffic and paved areas in an urban environment. Heterocyclic organic compounds BTRs are an emerging threat, under-recognized and ...
    • Evaluation of areal monthly average precipitation estimates from MERRA2 and ERA5 reanalysis in a colombian caribbean basin 

      Vega-Durán, Jean; Escalante-Castro, Brigitte; Canales, Fausto; Acuña Robles, Guillermo Jesús; Kaźmierczak, Bartosz (MDPI Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing InstituteSwitzerland, 2021-10-29)
      Global reanalysis dataset estimations of climate variables constitute an alternative for overcoming data scarcity associated with sparsely and unevenly distributed hydrometeorological networks often found in developing ...