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    • Developed teamwork optimizer for model parameter estimation of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell 

      Syah, Rahmad; Grimaldo Guerrero, John William; Leonidovich Poltarykhin, Andrey; Suksatan, Wanich; Ravindhan, Surendar; Bokov, Dmitry O.; Abdelbasset, Walid Kamal; Al-Janabi, Samaher; Alkaim, Ayad F.; Yu. Tumanovj, Dmitriy (Elsevier Ltd.United Kingdom, 2022)
      This paper proposes a new optimal methodology for model parameters estimation of the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. The main purpose here is to design a newly developed metaheuristic technique to deliver a model with ...
    • Numerical investigation of nanofluid mixed convection in a T-shaped cavity by considering a thermal barrier 

      Xia, Simon; Mostafavi, Mohammad; Alghazali, Tawfeeq; sadi, sajad; Grimaldo Guerrero, John William; Suksatan, Wanich; toghraie, davood; Khan, Afrasyab (Alexandria UniversityEgypt, 2022)
      In this study, the numerical investigation of Al2O3-Water nanofluid mixed convection in a T-shaped lid-driven cavity in the presence of a thermal barrier with positioning at different positions is investigated by the ...