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    • Impact of acute blood loss on clinical, hematological, biochemical, and oxidative stress variables in sheep 

      Santos Sousa, Rejane; Santos Sousa, Caroline; Costa Oliveira, Francisco Leonardo; Firmino, Paulo Ricardo; Freitas Sousa, Isadora Karolina; Veras Paula, Valeria; Mercado Caruso, Nohora Nubia; Lippi Ortolani, Enrico; Minervino, Antonio; Barrêto-Júnior, Raimundo Alves (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)Switzerland, 2022-05-11)
      Blood loss in sheep can have different causes and may result in anemia. We aimed to evaluate the clinical, hematological, and biochemical alterations and the oxidative stress generated by acute blood loss. Eighteen healthy ...