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    • Classification and features selection method for obesity level prediction 

      Molina Estren, Diego; De la Hoz Manotas, Alexis Kevin; Mendoza Palechor, Fabio (2021-06-15)
      Obesity has become one of the world’s largest health issues, rich and poor countries, without exception, have each year larger populations with this condition. Obesity and overweight are defined as abnormal or excessive fat ...
    • Feature selection, learning metrics and dimension reduction in training and classification processes in intrusion detection systems 

      Mendoza Palechor, Fabio; De la Hoz Manotas, Alexis Kevin; De-La-Hoz-Franco, Emiro; Ariza Colpas, Paola Patricia (Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 2015-12-20)
      This research presents an IDS prototype in Matlab that assess network traffic connections contained in the NSL-KDD dataset, comparing feature selection techniques available in FEAST toolbox, refining prior results applying ...
    • Talleres de algoritmos y estructura de datos basados en UML 

      De-La-Hoz-Franco, Emiro; De la Hoz Manotas, Alexis Kevin; Hernandez Mercado, Jorge (Corporación Universidad de la Costa, 2008)
      El término algoritmo oravienedel latín dixit alegrithrms cuya raíz a su vez procede del nombre del matemático, astrónomo y geógrafo persa Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Músa al-Khwarizmi, comúnmente conocido como Al-Khwarizmi, ...