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    • Dynamics of population immunity due to the herd effect in the COVID-19 pandemic 

      Clemente-Suárez, Vicente Javier; Hormeño-Holgado, Alberto; Jiménez, Manuel; Benitez Agudelo, Juan Camilo; Navarro Jiménez, Eduardo; Pérez Palencia, Natalia; Maestre-Serrano, Ronald; Laborde Cardenas, Carmen Cecilia; Tornero-Aguilera, Jose Francisco (Corporación Universidad de la Costa, 2020)
      The novel Coronavirus 2 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-Cov-2) has led to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, which has surprised health authorities around the world, quickly producing a global health ...
    • Psychophysiological stress response of novice cavers in a speleology route 

      Tornero-Aguilera, Jose Francisco; Sánchez-Molina, Joaquín; Fernández-Elías, Valentín E.; Clemente-Suárez, Vicente Javier (Corporación Universidad de la Costa, 2020-09)
      Introduction Speleology/Caving is a recreational outdoor activity that has drawn an increasing number of participants in recent years, but there is little information on the physiological and psychological demands of this ...
    • The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Social, Health, and Economy 

      Clemente-Suárez, Vicente Javier; Navarro Jiménez, Eduardo; Moreno-Luna, Libertad; Saavedra-Serrano, María Concepción; Jiménez, Manuel; Simón, Juan Antonio; Tornero-Aguilera, Jose Francisco (2021)
      In late December 2019, a series of acute atypical respiratory disease occurred in Wuhan, China, which rapidly spread to other areas worldwide. It was soon discovered that a novel coronavirus was responsible, named the ...