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    • Business model for the optimization of energy consumption by VAC equipment in service sector buildings 

      Gómez Charris, Yulineth; Umaña Ibáñez, Samir; Silva Ortega, Jorge I; caicedo ortiz, jose antonio; Camargo ACUÑA, Genesis Yulie (Corporación Universidad de la Costa, 2020)
      Electricity consumption has been growing in recent decades, and it is estimated that air conditioning accounts for 30% of a building’s total electricity consumption. However, in hot climates this percentage may be even ...
    • CBT system (Computer Based Training) of the Aircraft a-37b, used in the earth course of the combat air command No. 3 (CAMCOM-3) of the Colombian Air Force (FAC) 

      Morales Ortega, Roberto; Ariza Colpas, Paola Patricia; Piñeres-Melo, Marlon; caicedo ortiz, jose antonio; Ayala-Mantilla, Cristian; Peluffo-Martínez, Gabriel; Mendoza Palechor, Fabio; combita, harold; Diaz Martinez, Jorge Luis (Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 2020-02-15)
      This article shows the implementation of an integrated and updated education system in the Combat Air Command No.3 as a school of the A-37B team, to give theoretical and virtual practice instruction optimizing strategic ...
    • Method based on data mining techniques for breast cancer recurrence analysis 

      Morales Ortega, Roberto; Lozano-Bernal, German; Ariza Colpas, Paola Patricia; ARRIETA RODRIGUEZ, EUGENIA LUZ; Ospino Mendoza, Elisa; caicedo ortiz, jose antonio; Piñeres-Melo, Marlon Alberto; Mendoza Palechor, Fabio; Roca-Vides, Margarita (Corporación Universidad de la Costa, 2020)
      Cancer is a constantly evolving disease, which affects a large number of people worldwide. Great efforts have been made at the research level for the development of tools based on data mining techniques that allow to detect ...