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    • New types of locally connected spaces via clopen set 

      ROSAS, ENNIS; namiq, sarhad (Corporación Universidad de la Costa, 2021)
      In this paper, we define and study a new type of connected spaces called λco-connected space. It is remarkable that the class of λ-connected spaces is a subclass of the class of λco-connected spaces. We discuss some ...
    • On λ D − R0 And λ D − R1 Spaces 

      namiq, sarhad; ROSAS, ENNIS (Corporación Universidad de la Costa, 2020)
      In this paper we introduce the new types of separation axioms called λ D − R0 and λ D − R1 spaces, by using λ D-open set. The notion λ D − R0 and λ D − R1 spaces are introduced and some of their properties are investigated.