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    • Comparison between Amazon Go stores and traditional retails based on queueing theory 

      Coronado-Hernandez, Jairo R.; Calderón-Ocho, Andrés F.; Portnoy, Ivan; Morales-Mercado, Jorge (Springer VerlagGermany, 2021-09-29)
      The Amazon Go Store model’s introduction posed a breakthrough in the shopping market due to its ground-braking approach, in which customers exercise the so-called self-service checkout. Although many qualitative analysis ...
    • Throughput analysis of an Amazon go retail under the COVID-19-related capacity constraints 

      Calderón Ochoa, Andrés F.; Coronado-Hernandez, Jairo R.; Portnoy, Ivan (Elsevier BVNetherlands, 2022-01-26)
      The throughput of a finite-capacity queueing system is the mean number of clients served during a time interval. The COVID-19 outbreak has posed a serious challenge for many commercial establishments, including the retails, ...