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    • Characterization of restoration lime mortars and decay by-products in the Meditation area of Machu Picchu archaeological site 

      Morillas, Héctor; Huallparimachi, Gladys; Maguregui, Maite; Marcaida, Iker; Gallego Cartagena, Euler; Astete, Fernando; Madariaga, Juan Manuel (Universidad de la Costa, 2019)
      Machu Picchu citadel is the main archaeological Inca sanctuary widely known around the world, and a World Heritage Site of high cultural and natural value. For its construction a whitish granitic rock, extracted from the ...
    • Evaluation of the role of biocolonizations in the conservation state of Machu Picchu (Peru): The Sacred Rock 

      Morillas, Héctor; Maguregui, Maite; Gallego-Cartagena, Euler; Huallparimachi, Gladys; Marcaida, Iker; Salcedo, Isabel; F.O. Silva, Luis; Astete, Fernando (Universidad de la Costa, 2019-03-01)
      Machu Picchu Inca sanctuary (Cusco Region, Peru) was constructed on a granitic plateau, better known as Vilcabamba batholith. One of the most important carved granitic rocks from this archaeological site is the Sacred Rock, ...
    • Impact assessment of metals on soils from Machu Picchu archaeological site 

      Morillas, Héctor; Gredilla, Ainara; Carrero, José Antonio; Huallparimachi, Gladys; Gallego-Cartagena, Euler; Maguregui, Maite; Marcaida, Iker; Astete, Fernando; Madariaga, Juan Manuel (Universidad de la Costa, 2020-03)
      Machu Picchu is an archaeological Inca sanctuary from the 15th century, located 2430 m above the sea level in the Cusco Region, Peru. In 1983, it was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The surroundings and soils from ...