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    • Obese rats are more vulnerable to inflammation, genotoxicity and oxidative stress induced by coal dust inhalation than non-obese rats 

      Gasparotto, Juciano; Chaves Rodrigues, Paloma; Da Boit Martinello, Katia; Da Rosa Siva, Helen Tais; Bortolin, Rafael Calixto; Silva Oliveira, Luis Felipe; Rabelo, Thallita Kelly; Da Silva, Jeferson D; Da Silva, Fernanda Rabaioli; Nordin, Adriane Perachi; Soares, Karina; Borges, Malu Siqueira; Gelain, D. P; Moreira Fonseca, José Cláudio (Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety, 2018-08-26)
      Obesity is an important nutritional disorder worldwide. Its association with environmental pollution may trigger an increase in oxidative stress and inflammatory parameters. Coal is a resource used throughout the world as ...
    • Obesity associated with coal ash inhalation triggers systemic inflammation and oxidative damage in the hippocampus of rats 

      Gasparotto, Juciano; Rodrigues Chaves, Paloma; Boit Martinello, Katiada; Silva Oliveira, Luis Felipe; Pens Gelain, Daniel; Fonseca Moreira, José Claudio (Universidad de la Costa, 2019)
      People with large amounts of adipose tissue are more vulnerable and more likely to develop diseases where oxidative stress and inflammation play a pivotal role, than persons with a healthy weight. Atmospheric contamination ...
    • Obesity level estimation software based on decision trees 

      De-La-Hoz-Correa, Eduardo; Mendoza Palechor, Fabio; De-La-Hoz-Manotas, Alexis; Morales Ortega, Roberto; Sánchez Hernández, Adriana Beatriz (Universidad de la Costa, 2019-04-15)
      Obesity has become a global epidemic that has doubled since 1980, with serious consequences for health in children, teenagers and adults. Obesity is a problem has been growing steadily and that is why every day appear new ...
    • Object oriented modeling frameworks for the social systems 

      Balaguera, M. I.; Lis Gutierrez, Jenny Paola; Gaitan, Mercedes; Viloria Silva, Amelec Jesus; Robayo Acuña, Paula Vivana (Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2017)
      In the present study, an object oriented approach and modeling framework is proposed for the construction of synthetic, computational models of social systems. The conventional approach to model and study social systems ...
    • Occupational stress in nursing personnel of intensive care units 

      Lastre Amell, Gloria; Gaviria-García, Gladys; Herazo-Beltrán, Yaneth; Mendinueta-Martínez, Martha (Universidad de la Costa, 2018-02-14)
      Introduction: There are several stressors in the actions carried out by the nursing staff in intense situations such as life, illness and death. Objective: To determine the occupational stressors that affect the nursing ...
    • Occurrence of carbon nanotubes and implication for the siting of elements in selected anthracites 

      Silva Oliveira, Luis Felipe; Crissien Borrero, Tito José; Sampaio, Carlos H.; Hower, James; Daifg, Shifeng (Universidad de la Costa, 2020-03-01)
      Petrographic, geochemical, and electron microbeam investigations of selected anthracites and anthracite-rank coaly shales were conducted. The Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and KwaZu-Natal anthracites show an enrichment in ...
    • Offshore oil exploitation in the Caribbean Sea: Challenges for Colombia 

      Grimaldo-Guerrero, J.W.; Contreras-Rueda, Y.F. (IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2020)
      Colombia began an expansion plan for oil exploration in the Caribbean Sea, this industry is recognized for the high impact it can generate, being necessary to identify mechanisms to improve management. This research presents ...
    • On a topology between the topologies τθ and τθ-i 

      Sanabria, José Eduardo; Rosas, Ennis; Carpintero, Carlos; Salas-Brown, Margot (International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2018)
      We introduce a new class of sets, namely δθ-I-open sets, which form a topology finer than the topology τθ formed by the class of θ-open sets and coarser than the topology τθ-I formed by the class of θ-I-open sets. Moreover, ...
    • On An Operational Matrix Method Based On Generalized Bernoulli Polynomials Of Level M 

      Quintana, Yamilet; Ramirez Quiroga, William David; Urieles Guerrero, Alejandro (Calcolo, 2018-09-01)
      An operational matrix method based on generalized Bernoulli polynomials of level m is introduced and analyzed in order to obtain numerical solutions of initial value problems. The most innovative component of our method ...
    • On decomposition of bioperation-continuity 

      Carpintero, Carlos; Rajesh, Namegalesh; Rosas, Ennis (Universidad de la Costa, 2019-07-18)
      In this paper, we introduce some new types of sets via bioperation and obtain a new decomposition of bioperation-continuity using this sets.
    • On inversely θ-semi-open and inversely θ-semi-closed functions 

      Sanabria, José; Rosas, Ennis; Vásquez, Luis (Matematychni Studii, 2020)
      In this paper, we introducethe concepts of inversely 6-semi-openandinversely 6-semi-closed functions andobtain their charactcrizationsif it is possible in terms of 6-closure and6-intcrior by using sets determined by thefibres ...
    • On minimal λrc-open sets 

      Rosas, Ennis; Namiq, Sarhad F. (Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2020)
      We introduce and discuss the notions of minimal 4,..-open sets in topological spaces. We investigate some its fundamental properties. We show that the notions of minimal open sets and minimal 4,,-open sets are independent ...
    • On new strong versions of Browder type theorems 

      Sanabria, José E.; Carpintero, Carlos R.; Rodríguez, Jorge G.; Rosas, Ennis R.; García, Orlando (Open Mathematics, 2018)
      An operator T acting on a Banach space X satisfies the property (UWπ) if σa(T)\σSF-+ (T) = π (T), where σa(T) is the approximate point spectrum of T, σSF-+ (T) is the upper semi-Weyl spectrum of T andπ (T) the set of all ...
    • On property (Saw) and others spectral properties type Weyl-Browder theorems 

      Sanabria, José E.; Carpintero, Carlos R.; Rosas Rodriguez, Ennis Rafael; García, Orlando (Revista Colombiana de Matematicas, 2017)
      An operator T acting on a Banach space X satisfies the property (aw) if σ(T) \ σw(T) = Ea(T), where σw(T) is the Weyl spectrum of T and Eo a(T) is the set of all eigenvalues of T of finite multiplicity that are isolated ...
    • On real valued ω-continuous functions 

      Carpintero, Carlos; Rajesh, N.; Rosas Rodriguez, Ennis Rafael (Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Mathematica, 2018)
      The aim of this paper is to introduce and study upper and lower !-continuous functions. Some characterizations and several proper- ties concerning upper (resp. lower) !-continuous functions are obtained.
    • On the evolution of “cleaner production” as a concept and a practice 

      Hens, Luc M.A; Block, Chantal; Cabello Eras, Juan Jose; Sagastume Gutierrez, Alexis; García Lorenzo, Dunia; Chamorro Gonzalez, Candy Lorena; Herrera Mendoza, Ketty; Haeseldonckx, Dries; Vandecasteele, Carlo H.A. (Journal Of Cleaner Production, 2018-06-20)
      “Cleaner Production“(CP) is about less and more efficient energy and materials use and the substitution of more harmful products (for the environment and health) by less dangerous ones. CP was the reply of the industry to ...
    • On the hereditary character of new strong variations of weyl type theorems 

      Carpintero, C.; Malaver, A.; Rosas, E.; Sanabria, J. (Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii Al I Cuza din Iasi - Matematica, 2019)
      Berkani and Kachad [18], [19], and Sanabria et al. [32], introduced and studied strong variations of Weyl type Theorems. In this paper, we study the behavior of these strong variations of Weyl type theorems for an operator ...
    • On The Isostructural And Superprotonic Cs5H3(SO4)4·Xh2o Transformations: Physical Or Chemical Nature? 

      Ortiz Muñoz, E; Mendoza Estrada, Victor Julio; Romero, J (Ionics, 2018-08-01)
      For over 20 years, researchers have agreed that when pentacesium trihydrogen tetrasulfate hydrate (Cs5H3(SO4)4·xH2O) is heated through 141 °C, the observed conductivity increase corresponds to a physical transformation: a ...
    • On the reaction mechanism of the complete intermolecular o2 transfer between mononuclear nickel and manganese complexes with macrocyclic ligands 

      Zapata Rivera, Jhon Enrique; Caballol, Rosa; Jiménez Calzado, Carmen; G Liakos, Dimitrios; Neese, Frank (Universidad de la Costa, 2014-10-06)
      The recently described intermolecular O2 transfer between the side-on Ni-O2 complex [(12-TMC)Ni-O2]+ and the manganese complex [(14-TMC)Mn]2+, where 12-TMC and 14-TMC are 12- and 14-membered macrocyclic ligands, ...
    • On the Reaction Mechanism of the Complete Intermolecular O2 Transfer between Mononuclear Nickel and Manganese Complexes with Macrocyclic Ligands 

      Zapata Rivera, Jhon Enrique; Caballol, Rosa; Jiménez Calzado, Carmen; G Liakos, Dimitrios; Neese, Frank (Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014-10-06)
      The recently described intermolecular O2 transfer between the side-on Ni-O2 complex [(12-TMC)Ni-O2]+ and the manganese complex [(14-TMC)Mn]2+, where 12-TMC and 14-TMC are 12- and 14-membered macrocyclic ligands, ...