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Recent Submissions

  • Design and production of educational video games for the inclusion of deaf children 

    Zapata Lesmes, Clemencia del Consuelo; Acosta-Solano, Jairo; blanquicett benavides, luis alfredo; Umaña Ibáñez, Samir F. (Elsevier BVNetherlands, 2022)
    This work presents the design and development of an educational video game, a product committed to the project "Model for the production of educational digital content for the inclusion of deaf people" attached to the ...
  • Social responsibility and spiritual intelligence: university students’ attitudes during COVID-19 

    Severino-González, Pedro; Toro-Lagos, Victoria; Santinelli Ramos, Miguel Ángel; Romero-Argueta, José ; Sarmiento Peralta, Giusseppe Geraldes; Kinney, Ian S.; Ramírez Molina, Reynier Israel; villar olaeta, javier (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)Switzerland, 2022-09-21)
    Human behavior during COVID-19 has led to the study of attitude and preferences among the population in different circumstances. In this sense, studying human behavior can contribute to creating policies for integral ...
  • Users, vehicles electrics, and energy markets in Colombia 

    Betancur-Ramos, Alejandro; Grimaldo Guerrero, John William; Grimaldo-Guerrero, Juan; Rivera-Alvarado, Juan; Gómez-Mesino, Eilin (EconJournalsTurkey, 2022)
    The Colombian government approved Law 1964 of 2019, which is expected to favor the massification of electric vehicle technologies. Since 2010, this technological migration has begun, which has not managed to have a substantial ...
  • Developed teamwork optimizer for model parameter estimation of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell 

    Syah, Rahmad; Grimaldo Guerrero, John William; Leonidovich Poltarykhin, Andrey; Suksatan, Wanich; Ravindhan, Surendar; Bokov, Dmitry O.; Abdelbasset, Walid Kamal; Al-Janabi, Samaher; Alkaim, Ayad F.; Yu. Tumanovj, Dmitriy (Elsevier Ltd.United Kingdom, 2022)
    This paper proposes a new optimal methodology for model parameters estimation of the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. The main purpose here is to design a newly developed metaheuristic technique to deliver a model with ...
  • Application of wavelet characteristics and gmdh neural networks for precise estimation of oil product types and volume fractions 

    Mayet, Abdulilah; Alizadeh, Mehdi; Mohammad Hamakarim, Karwan; Al-Qahtani, Ali Awadh; Alanazi, Abdullah; Grimaldo Guerrero, John William; alhashim, Hala; Eftekhari-Zadeh, Ehsan (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)Switzerland, 2022-09-30)
    Given that one of the most critical operations in the oil and gas industry is to instantly determine the volume and type of product passing through the pipelines, in this research, a detection system for monitoring oil ...
  • Analysis of the students' appreciation of teaching as a tool for managing educational processes 

    Romero Caballero, Samara Cecilia; Camargo Romero, Gilma Esperanza; Garcia Mendoza, Kadry ; Medina, Claudia; Hernández, Irmina; Grimaldo Guerrero, John William (Elsevier BVNetherlands, 2022)
    Educational quality requires the evaluation processes of the different agents involved. At the higher education level, teacher evaluation is carried out. One of the inputs is the appreciation of teaching by students. The ...
  • Geospatial analysis of Ae. aegypti foci in southern Brazil 

    Goellner, Emanuelle; Neckel, Alcindo; Bodah, Brian William; Stolfo Maculan, Laércio; Oliveira de Almeida Silva, Caliane Christie; Piccinato Junior, Dirceu; Grub, Julian; Cambrussi, Laura; Korcelski, Cleiton; Silva Oliveira, Marcos Leandro (Elsevier BVUnited Kingdom, 2021)
    Arboviruses have become a major public health problem in recent decades. Ae. aegypti has been the vector responsible for the greatest spread of these diseases. This study aims to identify outbreaks of Ae. aegypti, through ...
  • Cognitive strategies and textual genres in the teaching and evaluation of advanced reading comprehension (ARC) 

    García-Sánchez, Jesús-Nicasio; García Martín, Judit (Frontiers Media S.A.Switzerland, 2021-09-12)
    In the last decade, published data on the performance of Colombian students have concerned educators and researchers, making critical reading one of the priorities of Colombian education. That is why this article presents ...
  • A preliminary analysis for selecting the best hydrological probability density functions of annual peak flows associated to various return periods in some rivers of Colombia 

    Coronado-Hernández, Oscar E.; Ramos-Urzola, Julio; Julio-Amigo, Luis F; Coronado-Hernandez, Jairo R.; Gustavo, Gatica; Mercado Caruso, Nohora Nubia (Elsevier BVNetherlands, 2021)
    Analysis of extreme events of annual flow peaks are used for sizing hydraulic structures for specified return period. Cumulative distribution functions are applied to annual flow peak records in order to obtain extreme ...
  • Introduction to the special issue on “COVID-19” 

    Silva, Luis F.O.; Li, Weijun; Moreno, Teresa (China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Peking UniversityChina, 2022)
    COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc and bringing the whole world into a standstill in an unprecedented fashion. Joint efforts from multiple sectors to address the various aspects of environment and public health through ...
  • Tracking development assistance for health and for COVID-19: a review of development assistance, government, out-of-pocket, and other private spending on health for 204 countries and territories, 1990–2050 

    Micah, Angela; Cogswell, Ian; Cunningham, Brandon; Ezoe, Satoshi; Harle, Anton; Maddison, Emilie R; Mc Cracken, Darrah; Nomura, Shuhei; Simpson, Kyle E; Stutzman, Hayley N; Et al (Elsevier Ltd.United Kingdom, 2021)
    The rapid spread of COVID-19 renewed the focus on how health systems across the globe are financed, especially during public health emergencies. Development assistance is an important source of health financing in many ...
  • El diseño urbano en frentes fluviales como posibilitador de una nueva “imaginabilidad” urbana: caso ribera central de Rosario (Argentina) 

    Galimberti, Cecilia (Departamento de Diseno Visual, Universidad de CaldasColombia, 2021)
    El presente artículo indaga sobre la imagen de la transformación de los frentes costeros a través del diseño urbano y el desarrollo de nuevos espacios públicos articuladores entre el tejido y el agua. A partir de los ...
  • Multinationals’ recruiting in industrial districts 

    HERVAS-OLIVER, JOSE LUIS; Belso-Martinez, José A.; Díez-Vial, Isabel (RoutledgeUnited Kingdom, 2021-10-04)
    This paper explains how multinationals source specific tacit and sticky technical knowledge in industrial districts through recruiting. Focusing on the location of the textile-dedicated company ZARA in a footwear-dedicated ...
  • Multi-criteria analysis of green bonds: hybrid multi-method applications 

    Lombardi Netto, Antonio; Salomon, Valerio ; Ortiz Barrios, Miguel Angel (MDPI AGSwitzerland, 2021-09-22)
    There is an increasing pressure by the community and customers forcing companies to insert environmental concerns in their practices. To help companies initiatives, the green bonds market was created. Our research question ...
  • The cumulative effect of fibromyalgia symptoms on cognitive performance: the mediating role of pain 

    Ramos-Henderson, Miguel; Calderón Carvajal, Carlos; Toro, Ignacio; Aguilera, Rocio Valentina; DIEGO ANDR�S , PALOMINOS URQUIETA ; Soto-Añari, Marcio; López Velásquez, Norman Darío; Domic, Marcos (Taylor and Francis GroupUnited States, 2022-09-14)
    Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a chronic condition that encompasses widespread pain associated with cognitive impairment and significant emotional distress related to functional disability. This study aimed to obtain evidence of ...
  • Prevalencia y factores asociados con las quejas cognitivas subjetivas del personal sanitario latinoamericano durante la pandemia de COVID-19 

    Soto-Añari, Marcio; Rivera-Fernández, Claudia; Ramos Vargas, Luis ; DENEGRI SOLIS, LUCIA MILAGROS; Herrera-Pino, Jorge Alfredo; Camargo, Loida; Castillo, Edgar; Díaz, María; Gaitán-Quintero, Gustavo; Alonso, Mónica; Cárdenas, Omar; Pabon Moreno, Alexander; Caldichoury, Nicole; Ramos-Henderson, Miguel; Flórez, Yuliana; Escorcia-Villarreal, Jahaira; Ripoll Cordoba, Daniela; Quispe-Ayala, Cesar; Gargiulo, Augusto Pascual Italo; Porto, Maria F.; López, Norman (ElsevierSpain, 2022-09-06)
    Introducción y objetivos: Se ha observado un incremento de alteraciones emocionales y quejas sobre el rendimiento cognitivo en el personal sanitario latinoamericano durante la pandemia de SARS-CoV-2; lo cual puede afectar ...
  • Comparison of seismic provisions of Andean countries 

    Mattos-Rodríguez, Adriana Carolina; Barraza, Stevens; Verbel Almario, Camilo (Science Publishing Corporation IncUnited Arab Emirates, 2020)
    This paper presents a seismic provisions comparison used in the countries of the Andean region. A brief summary of the Andean region seismicity, showing historical seismicity and the probability of earthquake occurrence ...
  • Measuring routine childhood vaccination coverage in 204 countries and territories, 1980–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2020, Release 1 

    Galles, Natalie; Liu, Patrick Y; Updike, Rachel L; Fullman, Nancy; Nguyen, Jason; Rolfe, Sam; Sbarra, Alyssa; Schipp, Megan; Marks, Ashley; Gebreheat, Gdiom; [et-al] (Elsevier Ltd.United Kingdom, 2021)
    Background Measuring routine childhood vaccination is crucial to inform global vaccine policies and programme implementation, and to track progress towards targets set by the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) and Immunization ...
  • A review of the toxicology presence and removal of ketoprofen through adsorption technology 

    georgin, jordana; Dison S.P., Franco; DA BOIT MARTINELLO, KATIA; Lima, Eder Claudio; Silva Oliveira, Luis Felipe (Elsevier BVUnited Kingdom, 2022)
    The present review was carried out to analyze the works developed using the adsorption technology to remove the anti-inflammatory ketoprofen (KET). The main factors that inflated the KET adsorption were analyzed. It was ...
  • Semi-supervised adaptive method for human activities recognition (HAR) 

    Mendoza Palechor, Fabio; Vicario, Enrico; PATARA, FULVIO; De la Hoz Manotas, Alexis Kevin; Molina Estren, Diego (Springer, ChamSwitzerland, 2022)
    Using sensors and mobile devices integrated with hardware and software tools for Human Recognition Activities (HAR), is a growing scientific field, the analysis based on this information have promising benefits to detect ...

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