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Recent Submissions

  • Validez concurrente: escala de inteligencia Reynolds Rías y Mccarthy para la evaluación del desarrollo cognitivo en niños 

    Montañez-Romero, Miguel Alberto; Beltran, Elisama Esther (Spain, 2022-02-10)
    El objetivo del estudio consistió en correlacionar las Escalas de Inteligencia Reynolds Rías (RIAS) y McCarthy de aptitudes y psicomotricidad para niños (MSCA), para la evaluación del desarrollo cognitivo en niños entre ...
  • Estimation techniques for scrum: a qualitative systematic study 

    Díaz-Martínez, Jorge L; Sanjay, Misra; Butt, Shariq Aziz; Ayeni, Foluso (Springer International Publishing AGSwitzerland, 2022-02-22)
    Every competitive IT industry cannot avoid underestimating their projects’ effort, cost, and time. Some scrum project is completed delayed and undergoes difficulties due to over budgeting and a lack of needed functions. ...
  • Trends and future perspective challenges in big data 

    Naeem, Muhammad Zaid; Jamal, Tauseef; Díaz-Martínez, Jorge L; Butt, Shariq Aziz; Montesano, Nicolò; Tariq, Muhammad Imran; De-La-Hoz-Franco, Emiro; De-La-Hoz-Valdiris, Ethel (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbHGermany, 2021-11-26)
    We are living in an era of big data, where the process of generating data is continuously been taking place with each coming second. Data that is more varied and extremely complex in structure (unstructured/semi-structured) ...
  • Evaluation and prioritization of information security controls of ISO/IEC 27002:2013 for SMEs Through Fuzzy TOPSIS 

    Tariq, Muhammad Imran; Tayyaba, Shahzadi; De-La-Hoz-Franco, Emiro; Ashraf, Muhammad Waseem; Rad, Dana; Butt, Shariq Aziz; Santarcangelo, Vito (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbHGermany, 2021-11-26)
    Managing a large number of Information Security controls with slight impact may increase the extra effort and time in the shape of implementation and mitigation of risk. Therefore, Information Security Controls need to be ...
  • Polishing of painting process effluents through adsorption with biochar from winemaking residues 

    Carvalho, Fernando L.; Pinto, Diana; Schio, Rejiane R.; dos Santos, Jaqueline P.; Ketzer, Felipe; Silva, Luis F.O.; Dotto, Guilherme Luiz (Springer Science + Business MediaGermany, 2022-05-02)
    A real industrial efuent from the pre-treatment and painting processes was polished through adsorption using alternative biochar derived from grape pomace wastes. The biochar was produced in a pilot-scale plant from ...
  • APPMAR 1.0: a Python application for downloading and analyzing of WAVEWATCH III® wave and wind data 

    Rivillas, German; Casas, Diego; Maza-Chamorro, Mauro; BOLIVAR CARBONELL, MARIANELLA; Ruiz-Martinez, Gabriel; Guerrero, Roberto; Horrillo-Caraballo, Jose M; Guerrero Pájaro, Milton Cesar ; Díaz-Martínez, Karina; Del Río Colón, Roberto ; Campos, Erick (Elsevier Ltd.United Kingdom, 2022)
    This work presents APPMAR 1.0, an application written in the Python programming language that downloads, processes, and analyzes wind and wave data. This application is composed of a graphical user interface (GUI) that ...
  • An iris segmentation using harmony search algorithm and fast circle fitting with blob detection 

    Malinowski, Kamil; Saeed, Khalid (Elsevier Sp. z o.o.Poland, 2022-03-04)
    Pupil and iris segmentation based on ellipsis or circle recognition are sensitive to light reflections and reflected images. The method presented here is independent of size and shape and at the same time insensitive to ...
  • Working group recommendations for the practice of teleneuropsychology in Latin America 

    Crivelli, Lucía; Quiroz, Yakeel T.; Calandri, Ismael Luis; Martin, María Eugenia; Velilla, Lina; Cusicanqui, María I.; Yglesias, Fernando Coto; Llibre-Rodríguez, Juan J; Armele, Montserrat; Román, Fabián; Barceló, Ernesto; Dechent, Claudia; Carello, María Agostina; Olavarría, Loreto; Yassuda, Monica Sanches; Custodio, Nilton; Dansilio, Sergio; Sosa Ortiz, Ana Luisa; Dozzi Brucki, Sonia Maria; CARAMELLI, PAULO; Slachevsky, Andrea; Nitrini, Ricardo; Carrillo, María C.; Allegri, Ricardo Francisco (Elsevier BVUnited Kingdom, 2021-10-20)
    Objective: Teleneuropsychology (teleNP) could potentially expand access to services for patients who are confined, have limited personal access to healthcare, or live in remote areas. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic ...
  • Investigation of biochar from Cedrella fissilis applied to the adsorption of atrazine herbicide from an aqueous medium 

    Hernandes, Paola T; Pfingsten Franco, Dison Stracke; georgin, jordana; P. G. Salau, Nina; Dotto, Guilherme Luiz (Elsevier BVUnited Kingdom, 2022)
    Biochar was produced from the sawdust of the wood forest species Cedrella fissilis and later used as an adsorbent to remove atrazine herbicide from aqueous media. Biochar showed high thermal stability, an amorphous structure, ...
  • Changes in cognitive functioning after COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis Inglés 

    Crivelli, Lucía; Palmer, Katie; Calandri, Ismael Luis; Guekht, Alla; Beghi, Ettore; Carroll, William M.; frontera, jennifer; Garcia Azorin, David; Westenberg, Erica; Winkler, Andrea Sylvia; Mangialasche, Francesca; Allegri, Ricardo Francisco (John Wiley & Sons Inc.United States, 2022)
    With an increasing number of individuals recovering from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection, there is an urgent need to study the medium- and long-term consequences of the disease. Growing ...
  • Sentinel-5P TROPOMI satellite application for NO2 and CO studies aiming at environmental valuation 

    William Bodah, Brian; Neckel, Alcindo; Stolfo Maculan, Laércio; Milanés Batista, Celene; Korcelski, Cleiton; Ramírez, Omar; Mendez Espinosa, Juan Felipe; Bodah, Eliane Thaine; Silva Oliveira, Marcos Leandro (Elsevier Ltd.United Kingdom, 2022-07-10)
    The European Space Agency (ESA) provides opportunities for researchers on a global scale to identify gaseous pollutants using the most modern techniques of analysis by satellite images from the Sentinel-5P satellite, in ...
  • Geochemical and morphological evaluations of organic and mineral aerosols in coal mining areas: a case study of Santa Catarina, Brazil 

    Akinyemi, Segun Ajayi; Oliveira, Marcos L.S.; Nyakuma, Bemgba Bevan; Dotto, Guilherme L. (MDPI AGSwitzerland, 2022-03-24)
    Numerous researchers have described the correlation between the short-term contact of nano-particulate (NP) matter in diverse coal phases and amplified death or hospitalizations for breathing disorders in humans. However, ...
  • Intelligent deep learning-enabled autonomous small ship detection and classification model 

    Escorcia-Gutierrez, Jose; Gamarra, Margarita; BELEÑO SAENZ, KELVIN; Soto, Carlos; Mansour, Romany (Elsevier Ltd.United Kingdom, 2022)
    Autonomous ship technologies have gained considerable interest due to the minimization of the challenging issues faced by the unpredictable errors of manual navigation, and therefore reduces human labor, increasing navigation ...
  • Implications of irrigation water quality in tropical farms 

    Guerra , Tamara ; Torregroza Espinosa, Ana Carolina; Moreno Pallares, María Inés; Paternina Corrales, A; Osorio Pinto, D; Echeverría-González, Ana (Global Journal of Environmental Science and ManagementIran, 2022)
    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Irrigation system water quality is a complex issue that involves the combined effects of various surface water management parameters. Monitoring of irrigation water quality is essential for the ...
  • Frequency-based foveal load modulates semantic parafoveal-on-foveal effects 

    López-Pérez, Pedro Javier; Dampuré, Julien; Barber, Horacio A.; Antúnez, Martín (Elsevier BVUnited Kingdom, 2022)
    During reading, we can process words allocated to the parafoveal visual region. Our ability to extract parafoveal information is determined by the availability of attentional resources, and by how these are distributed ...
  • A safe haven of SARS-CoV-2 in the environment: prevalence and potential transmission risks in the effluent, sludge, and biosolids 

    Adelodun, Bashir; Pankaj, Kumar; Odey, Golden Nka; Ajibade, Fidelis O.; Ibrahim, Rahmat Gbemisola; Alamri, Saad; Alrumman, Sulaiman; Eid, Ebrahem; Adeyemi, Khalid; ARYA, ASHISH KUMAR; BACHHETI, ARCHANA JOSHI; Kumar, Vinod (China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Peking UniversityChina, 2022-02-22)
    The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which has caused millions of death globally is recognized to be unstable and recalcitrant in the environment, especially in the way it has been evolving to form new and highly transmissible ...
  • The effect of EGR and hydrogen addition to natural gas on performance and exhaust emissions in a diesel engine by AVL fire multi-domain simulation, GPR model, and multi-objective genetic algorithm 

    Zareei, Javad; Rohani, Abbas; Núñez Alvarez, José Ricardo (Elsevier Ltd.United Kingdom, 2022)
    In this study, the effect of adding hydrogen to natural gas and EGR ratio was conducted on a diesel engine to investigate the engine performance and exhaust gases by AVL Fire multi-domain simulation software. For this ...
  • Substantial out-of-pocket health expenditure on prenatal check-ups: estimates from a sample of pregnant women in Cartagena, Colombia 

    ALVIS-ZAKZUK, NELSON J.; Chaparro-Narváez, Pablo; Díaz-Jiménez, D; Gutiérrez Clavijo, Juan Camilo; CASTILLO RODRIGUEZ, LILIANA; edna estrada, francisco; Castañeda-Orjuela, Carlos; DE LA HOZ RESTREPO, FERNANDO (Dove Medical Press LimitedNew Zealand, 2022-02-02)
    Objective: We aimed to estimate out-of-pocket (OOP) health expenditures and the indirect costs related to prenatal check-ups in pregnant women seen in a maternity hospital in the Colombian Caribbean region. Methods: We ...
  • Understanding spatial networking and industrial district evolution from firms’ strategies 

    Romero Hervas, Jose Luis; Boronat Moll, Carles; Peris-Ortiz, Marta; Rojas-Alvarado, Ronald (RoutledgeUnited Kingdom, 2022-06-01)
    Positioned in the study of firm heterogeneity in industrial districts (IDs), this study analyses how mergers and acquisitions (M&A) differ between local and non-local acquirers, impacting district evolution. Focusing on ...
  • Sustainable local development: consolidated framework for cross-sectoral cooperation via a systematic approach 

    Marín-González, Freddy; Rani Moganadas, Sharmila; Paredes, Ana Judith; YEO, SOOK FERN; Subramaniam, Subhacini (MDPI AGSwitzerland, 2022-05-27)
    Cross-sectoral cooperation (CSC) has gained recognition as the key to achieving sustainable development goals within a locality. However, existing studies focused on sustainable local development (SLD) initiatives resulting ...

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