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dc.creatorCabello Eras, Juan José
dc.creatorSousa Santos, Vladimir
dc.creatorSagastume, Alexis
dc.creatorVandecasteele, Carlo
dc.description.abstractImproving and managing the electricity efficiency in hotel facilities is essential to reduce the hotel operation costs and its environmental impacts. The data presented shows the evolution of the electricity consumption and management between 2013 and 2015 in two hotel facilities in Cuba (one beach hotel and one city hotel). The data additionally includes the daily measures used to develop control tools for an energy management system. The data presented in the article relates to the research study: Tools to improve forecasting and control of the electricity consumption in hotels Cabello et al., 2016, and it corresponds to the energy audits developed in one beach hotel (Hotel A) and one city hotel (Hotel B) in Cuba.es_ES
dc.publisherData in briefes_ES
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectEnergy managementes_ES
dc.subjectBuildings energy efficiencyes_ES
dc.subjectElectricity consumptiones_ES
dc.titleData supporting the improvement of forecasting and control of electricity consumption in hotelses_ES
dcterms.references[1] J. Cabello, V. Sousa, A. Sagastume, M. Alvarez-Guerra, D. Haeseldonckx, C. Vandecasteele, Tools to improve forecasting and control of the electricity consumption in hotels, J. Clean. Prod. 137 (2016) 803e812. [4] W. Underground, Weather Underground, Available online, 2019 (03.04.2019), [5] G. Krese, M. Prek, V. Butala, Analysis of building electric energy consumption data using an improved cooling degree-day method, J. Mech. Eng. 58 (2012) 107e114, 2012. [6] A. Sagastume, J.J. Cabello, D. Huisingh, C. Vandecasteele, L. Hens, The current potential of low-carbon economy and biomass-based electricity in Cuba. The case of sugarcane, energy cane and marabu (Dichrostachys cinerea) as biomass sources, J. Clean. Prod. 172 (2018) 2108e2122. [7] J. Cabello, D. Garcia, A. Sagastume, R. Priego, L. Hens, C. Vandecasteele, An approach to sustainable development: the case of Cuba. Environment, Dev. Sustain. 14 (2012) 573e591.es_ES

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