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dc.creatorHenao-Rodríguez, Carolina
dc.creatorLis-Gutiérrez, Jenny-Paola
dc.creatorBouza, Carlos
dc.creatorGaitán-Angulo, Mercedes
dc.creatorViloria Silva, Amelec Jesus
dc.description.abstractThis article is intended to establish the variables that explain the behavior of the CiteScore metrics from 2014 to 2016, for journals indexed in Scopus in 2017. With this purpose, journals with a CiteScore value greater than 11 were selected in any of the periods, that is to say, 133 journals. For the data analysis, a model of standard corrected errors for panel was used, from which a coefficient of determination of 77% was obtained. From the results, it was possible to state that journals of arts and humanities; business; administration and accounting; economics, econometrics, and finance; immunology and microbiology; medicine and social sciences, have the greatest
dc.description.sponsorshipCorporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz, Universidad de La Habana, Universidad de la
dc.publisherCommunications in Computer and Information Sciencespa
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International*
dc.titleCitescore of publications indexed in Scopus: an implementation of panel dataspa
dcterms.references1. Stegehuis, C., Litvak, N., Waltman, L.: Predicting the long-term citation impact of recent publications. J. Inform. 9(3), 642–657 (2015) 2. Donner, P.: Effect of publication month on citation impact. J. Inform. 12(1), 330–343 (2018) 3. Kosteas, V.D.: Journal impact factors and month of publication. Econ. Lett. 135, 77–79 (2015). 4. Yu, T., Yu, G., Wang, M.Y.: Classification method for detecting coercive self-citation in journals. J. Inform. 8(1), 123–135 (2014) 5. Stremersch, S., Camacho, N., Vanneste, S., Verniers, I.: Unraveling scientific impact: citation types in marketing journals. Int. J. Res. Mark. 32(1), 64–77 (2015) 6. Wu, D., Li, J., Lu, X., Li, J.: Journal editorship index for assessing the scholarly impact of academic institutions: an empirical analysis in the field of economics. J. Inform. 12(2), 448– 460 (2018). 7. Radicchi, F., Weissman, A., Bollen, J.: Quantifying perceived impact of scientific publications. J. Inform. 11(3), 704–712 (2017) 8. Salter, A., Salandra, R., Walker, J.: Exploring preferences for impact versus publications among UK business and management academics. Res. Policy 46(10), 1769–1782 (2017) 9. Lando, T., Bertoli-Barsotti, L.: Measuring the citation impact of journals with generalized Lorenz curves. J. Inform. 11(3), 689–703 (2017). 10. Boyack, K.W., Van Eck, N.J., Colavizza, G., Waltman, L.: Characterizing in-text citations in scientific articles: a large-scale analysis. J. Inform. 12, 59–73 (2018). S1751157717303516/1-s2.0-S1751157717303516-main.pdf?_tid=a31a573c-aa04-43b7-abe8- d38f230004be&acdnat=1523576882_830f710bace5ba4add6778c9ac486eba 11. Sánchez, S., Gorraiz, J., Melero, D.: Reference density trends in the major disciplines. J. Inform. 12, 42–58 (2018). 17301487-main.pdf?_tid=919a6ae3-2f8c-45f6-b2a2-7d61f4927ab5&acdnat=1523577929_71 c9094e2952f12c35958d1d3b02495e 12. Zhang, L., Watson, E.M.: Measuring the impact of gold and green open-access. J. Acad. Librariansh. 43(4), 337–345 (2017). 13. Solomon, D., Laakso, M., Björk, B.: A longitudinal comparison of citation rates and growth among open-access and subscription journals. J. Inform. 7(3), 642–650 (2013) 14. Henao-Rodríguez, C., Lis-Gutiérrez, J.-P., Gaitán-Angulo, M., Malagón, L.E., Viloria, A.: Econometric analysis of the industrial growth determinants in Colombia. In: Wang, J., Cong, G., Chen, J., Qi, J. (eds.) ADC 2018. LNCS, vol. 10837, pp. 316–321. Springer, Cham (2018). https://www.springerprofessional. de/en/data-mining-and-big-data/15834080 15. Mingers, J., Xu, F.: The drivers of citations in management science journals. Eur. J. Oper. Res. 205(2), 422–430 (2010)spa

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Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
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