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dc.creatorPineda Lezama, Omar Bonerge
dc.creatorGomez Dorta, Rafael Luciano
dc.creatorVarela Izquierdo, Noel
dc.creatorsilva d, jesus g
dc.creatorKamatkar, Sadhana J.
dc.description.abstractIn this work, the analysis of the surveys was carried out through a factorial analysis, which facilitates the evaluation of the validity of the selected construct for the case under study, as well as evaluating the quality of the service for each factor, with a view to determining the level of quality of the educational service, for which it integrates elements of descriptive and multivariate statistics with the management of the quality of the educational service. They are used as fundamental statistical techniques, descriptive analysis, factor analysis and analysis of variance. As a final result, it was concluded that the students of five UNITEC careers evaluated the educational service they receive as very satisfactory (4 points), highlighting the tangible elements as the most weighted factor. A significant aspect is that there are no significant differences in the perceptions of students from different careers and different
dc.publisherUniversidad de la Costaspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectQuality of educational servicesspa
dc.subjectMultivariate statisticsspa
dc.subjectEvaluation of customerspa
dc.titleRecommendation of an integrated index for the quality of educational services using multivariate statisticsspa

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CC0 1.0 Universal
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