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dc.creatorBarrozo Budes, Farid Antonio
dc.creatorValencia Ochoa, Guillermo
dc.creatorObregon, Luis Guillermo
dc.creatorArango-Manrique, Adriana
dc.creatorNúñez Alvarez, José Ricardo
dc.description.abstractThe electrical sector in the Caribbean region of Colombia is currently facing problems that affect its reliability. Many thermo-electric plants are required to fill the gap and ensure energy supply. This paper thus proposes a hybrid renewable energy generation plant that could supply a percentage of the total energy demand and reduce the environmental impact of conventional energy generation. The hybrid plant works with a photovoltaic (PV) system and wind turbine systems, connected in parallel with the grid to supply a renewable fraction of the total energy demand. The investigation was conducted in three steps: the first stage determined locations where the energy system was able to take advantage of renewable sources, the second identified a location that could work more efficiently from an economic perspective, and finally, the third step estimated the number of PV solar panels and wind turbines required to guarantee optimal functioning for this location using, as a main method of calculation, the software HOMER pro® for hybrid optimization with multiple energy resources. The proposed system is expected to not only limit environmental impacts but also decrease total costs of electric grid consumption from thermoelectric plants. The simulations helped identify Puerto Bolivar, Colombia, as the location where the hybrid plant made the best use of non-conventional resources of energy. However, Rancho Grande was found to offer the system more efficiency, while generating a considerable amount of energy at the lowest possible cost. An optimal combination was also obtained—441 PV arrays and 3 wind turbines, resulting in a net present cost (NPC) of $11.8 million and low CO2 production of 244.1 tons per
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectSolar energyspa
dc.subjectWind energyspa
dc.subjectEnergy efficiencyspa
dc.subjectEnvironmental impactspa
dc.subjectEconomic evaluationspa
dc.subjectOn-grid systemspa
dc.subjectHOMER Pro softwarespa
dc.titleEnergy, Economic, and Environmental Evaluation of a Proposed Solar-Wind Power On-Grid System Using HOMER Pro®: A Case Study in Colombiaspa
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