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dc.creatorAmaya Diaz, Juan Carlos
dc.creatorRojas Estrada, luzmila
dc.creatorCardenas-Ruiz, Cesar Augusto
dc.creatorAriza Colpas, Paola Patricia
dc.creatorPiñeres-Melo, Marlon Alberto
dc.creatorRamayo González, Ramón Enrique
dc.creatorMorales-Ortega, Roberto César
dc.creatorOvallos-Gazabon, David Alfredo
dc.description.abstractThis research work is aimed at strengthening the resources that farmers have for crops management of pests and diseases in a digital way using internet of things through the development of a prototype. It can obtain important information of variables within a strawberry crop such as Relative Humidity, temperature and pH. These data are processed and received by means of protocols in real time. These devices allow managing the information of different variables through communication among sensors. This study presents the most critical characteristics of the strawberry by using the data collection of an IoT system. In this way the initial results can demonstrate that the system yields important information for the appropriate management of strawberry crop
dc.publisherProcedia Computer Sciencespa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectInternet of thingsspa
dc.titleMonitoring system of environmental variables for a strawberry crop using IoT toolsspa
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