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dc.creatorQuintana, Yamilet
dc.creatorRamírez, William
dc.description.abstractThis paper addresses the generalized Euler polynomial matrix E (α) (x) and the Euler matrix E . Taking into account some properties of Euler polynomials and numbers, we deduce product formulae for E (α) (x) and define the inverse matrix of E . We establish some explicit expressions for the Euler polynomial matrix E (x), which involves the generalized Pascal, Fibonacci and Lucas matrices, respectively. From these formulae, we get some new interesting identities involving Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. Also, we provide some factorizations of the Euler polynomial matrix in terms of Stirling matrices, as well as a connection between the shifted Euler matrices and Vandermonde
dc.publisherApplied Mathematics and Information Sciencesspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectEuler polynomialsspa
dc.subjectEuler matrixspa
dc.subjectGeneralized Euler matrixspa
dc.subjectGeneralized Pascal matrixspa
dc.subjectFibonacci matrixspa
dc.subjectLucas matrixspa
dc.titleEuler matrices and their algebraic properties revisitedspa
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