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dc.creatorAltamar Guerra, Lina Maria
dc.creatorNoriega Fontalvo, Xiomara
dc.creatorCabarcas, Juan Carlos
dc.creatorNeira, Dionicio
dc.creatorVelasquez, Javier
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to analyze the process conditions for the reference changeover in a pipe forming mill in a metalworking company in Colombia, focusing on the high set-up times of this machine. High set up times in this machine causes, excessive idle time, low productivity, and complains due to tardy orders. Based on the principles of SMED, each of the set-up activities was analyzed. The methodology allowed the reclassification of some activities as external, as well as the identification of deficiencies in personnel formation, housekeeping, lack of tools, and other factors affecting the set-up time. Different actions were implemented with the commitment of directives, operators, production management, and other areas. The discipline showed for all the involved areas allowed to achieve exceptional
dc.publisherCorporación Universidad de la Costaspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.sourceLecture Notes in Computer Sciencespa
dc.subject5S methodspa
dc.subjectSet-up timespa
dc.subjectMetalworking companyspa
dc.titleImplementation of the single minute exchange of die (SMED) principles for the improvement of the productivity in a steel company in Colombiaspa

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CC0 1.0 Universal
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