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dc.creatorHoffmann Sampaio, Carlos
dc.creatorMonteiro Ambrós, Weslei
dc.creatorCazacliu, Bogdan
dc.creatorOliva Moncunill, Josep
dc.creatorSelemane José, David
dc.creatorMiltzarek, Gerson Luis
dc.creatorSchadach de Brum, Irineu Antônio
dc.creatorPetter, Carlos Otávio
dc.creatorZanetti Fernandes, Eunírio
dc.creatorSilva Oliveira, Luis Felipe
dc.description.abstractThis paper proposes pre-beneficiation studies by air jigs of the coal layers from a Moatize coal deposit. Pre-beneficiation, also called destoning, removes tailings before the beneficiation plant. The air jigs operate in the same granulometric size range as the heavy-media cyclones (HMCs) that are installed in the preparation plant. With the destoning, the heavy-media circuit operates with a lower coal feed and higher organic matter contents, increasing its cutting efficiency and lowering operational costs. The use of air jigs reduces the total water consumption in the plant, which is especially important for the region where the plant is installed, as water is particularly scarce. Four coal layers of the Moatize coal deposit were studied, which are currently exploited in the mine. As main results of the study, it is possible to say that the concentration of lights (feed of the preparation plant) and heavies (waste fraction) in air jigs can be carried out with reasonable efficiencies for all coal layers studied, making air jigs a feasible option for coal
dc.publisherCorporación Universidad de la Costaspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectAir jigspa
dc.subjectWaste separationspa
dc.subjectMoatize coalspa
dc.titleDestoning the moatize coal seam, Mozambique, by Dry Jiggingspa
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