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dc.contributor.authorCama-Pinto, Dora
dc.contributor.authorChavez Muñoz, Pastor David
dc.contributor.authorSolano-Escorcia, Andres Felipe
dc.contributor.authorCama-Pinto, Alejandro
dc.description.abstractThe data to construct the missing wind-speed value in the weather station record at “Collado de Yuste”, between the years 2002 to 2012, was calculated using wind speed data recorded in two other nearby weather stations, those in “Solana del Zapatero” and “Calar Alto”. The three mentioned stations are located in the mountain range of the province of Almeria, Autonomous Community of Andalusia, Spain. After calculating the degree of association using the correlation coefficient and Wavelet Transform Scalogram, the data was successfully constructed. This paper refers to another study: Wind missing data arrangement using wavelet based techniques for getting maximum likelihoodspa
dc.publisherCorporación Universidad de la Costaspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.sourceData in Briefspa
dc.subjectWind dataspa
dc.subjectWavelet transformspa
dc.subjectFast Fourier transformspa
dc.subjectMissing dataspa
dc.subjectRenewable energyspa
dc.subjectData fillingspa
dc.titleData supporting the reconstruction study of missing wind speed logs using wavelet techniques for getting maximum likelihoodspa
dc.typeArtículo de revistaspa
dcterms.references[1] Y. Mu, X. Liu, L Wang, A Pearson’s correlation coefficient based decision tree and its parallel implementation, Inf. Sci. 435 (2018) 40–58, doi:10.1016/
dcterms.references[2] H. Li, F. Xu, H. Liu, X. Zhang, Incipient fault information determination for rolling element bearing based on synchronous averaging reassigned wavelet scalogram, Measurement 65 (2015) 1–10, doi:10.1016/
dcterms.references[3] A.J. Zapata-Sierra, A. Cama-Pinto, F.G., M.G. Montoya, A. Alcayde, F. Manzano-Agugliaro, Wind missing data arrangement using wavelet based techniques for getting maximum likelihood, Energy Convers. Manag. 185 (2019) 552–
dcterms.references[4] A.-.J. Perea-Moreno, G. Alcalá, Q. Hernandez-Escobedo, Seasonal wind energy characterization in the Gulf of Mexico, Energies 13 (1) (2019) art. no. 93, doi:10.3390/
dcterms.references[5] Matlab,, (accessed April 2020).spa

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