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dc.creatoramelec, viloria
dc.creatorNuñez Lobo, Hugo
dc.creatorPineda, Omar
dc.description.abstractRenewable energies have become a topic of great interest in recent years because the natural sources used for the generation of these energies are inexhaustible and non-polluting. In fact, environmental sustainability requires a considerable reduction in the use of fossil fuels, which are highly polluting and unsustainable [1]. In addition, serious environmental pollution is threatening human health, and many public concerns have been raised [2]. As a result, many countries have proposed ambitious plans for the production of green energy, including wind power, and consequently, the market for wind energy is expanding rapidly worldwide [3]. In this research, an evolutionary metaheuristic is implemented, specifically genetic
dc.publisherCorporación Universidad de la Costaspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.sourceIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineeringspa
dc.subjectWind Turbinesspa
dc.subjectWind Fieldsspa
dc.subjectWake Effectspa
dc.subjectCombinatorial Optimizationspa
dc.subjectGenetic Algorithmsspa
dc.titleSolving the problem of optimizing wind farm design using genetic algorithmsspa
dcterms.references[1] Mittal, P., & Mitra, K. (2020). Efficient Wind Farm Micro-siting using Novel Optimization Approaches (Doctoral dissertation, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad).spa
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