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dc.creatorParody Muñoz, Alexander Elias
dc.creatorBorré-Ortiz, Yeis Miguel
dc.creatoramelec, viloria
dc.creatorCervera Cárdenas, Jorge Eduardo
dc.description.abstractThe present study seeks to generate a regression model that allows estimating the age of individuals in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia) from the stages of people’s teeth, in order to generate a tool to help forensic doctors in the identification of bodies in a high degree of decomposition. The model showed that sex and teeth 23, 27, 38, and 47 have a statistically significant relationship with age, and although the model has a medium level of explanation (adjusted R-square of 56%), it is a very useful tool for estimating the age of the inhabitants of Barranquilla given that the current standards are based on studies carried out in other countries with genotypic and phenotypic characteristics that differ from Barranquilla
dc.publisherCorporación Universidad de la Costaspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.sourceLecture Notes in Electrical Engineeringspa
dc.subjectMultiple linear regressionspa
dc.subjectForensic odontologyspa
dc.subjectAge estimationspa
dc.titleA method for estimating the age of people in forensic medicine using multivariable statisticsspa
dcterms.references1. Cortes M (2011) Maduración y desarrollo dental de los dientes permanentes en niños de la comunidad de Madrid. Universidad Complutense de Madrid Facultad de Odontología, Aplicación a la estimación de la edad dentariaspa
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dcterms.references3. Mata P (1846) Cirugía y Medicina Legal, 2ª Ediciónspa
dcterms.references4. Identificación de cadáveres en la práctica forense Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forenses. 2009spa
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dcterms.references10. Parody A, Viloria A, Lis JP, Malagón LE, Calí EG, Hernández Palma H (2018) Application of an experimental design of D-optimum mixing based on restrictions for the optimization of the pre-painted steel line of a steel producer and marketing company. In: Tan Y, Shi Y, Tang Q (eds) Data mining and big data. DMBD 2018. Lecture notes in computer science, vol 10943. Springer, Chamspa

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