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dc.contributor.authorGranados, Carlos
dc.contributor.authorSanabria, José
dc.contributor.authorROSAS, ENNIS
dc.contributor.authorCarpintero, Carlos
dc.description.abstractIn this work, we introduce and study the classes of contra ΛsI-continuous,contra quasi-ΛsI-continuous and contra ΛsI-irresolute functions in a topological spaceendowed with an ideal. We investigate the relationships among these functions andtheir respective characterizations. Also, we analyze the behavior of certain topologicalnotions under direct and inverse images of these new classes of functions.eng
dc.publisherCorporación Universidad de la Costaspa
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.sourceJournal of Mathematical and Computational Sciencespa
dc.subjectsemi-I-open seteng
dc.subjectΛsI-closed seteng
dc.subjectContra ΛsI-irresolute functioneng
dc.titleOn contra λsi-continuous functions and their applicationseng
dc.typeArtículo de revistaspa
dcterms.references[1] J. Dontchev, Contra-continuous functions and strongly S-closed spaces, Int. J. Math. & Math. Sci. 19 (2) (1996), 303-310.eng
dcterms.references[2] J. Dontchev, Survey on preopen sets , The Proceedings of the Yatsushiro Topological Conference 22-23 August 1998, pp. 1-18.eng
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dcterms.references[6] J. Sanabria, E. Rosas and C. Carpintero, On ΛsI -sets and the related notions in ideal topological spaces, Math. Slovaca 63 (6) (2013), 1403-1411.eng
dcterms.references[7] J. Sanabria, E. Acosta, E. Rosas and C. Carpintero, Continuity via ΛsI-open sets, Cubo 16 (1) (2015), 75-84.eng
dcterms.references[8] R. Staum, The algebra of bounded continuous functions into a non archimedian field, Pacific J. Math. 50 (1) (1974), 169-185.eng
dcterms.references[9] S. Willard, General Topology, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, Massachusetts, 1970.eng

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